If you’re looking to learn the art of drawing the muscle car the following easy drawing tutorial created by the team from will help you learn how to draw them easily and quickly. The muscle cars were designed to not just move you from one spot to the next, but to bring out the best in you. Massive big, heavy, loud, and rough-muscle cars are many great things to consider admiring this American automobile industry in the 1960s. Let’s begin with the basics of how to draw the muscle car.

Step 1

To draw properly an accurate muscle vehicle, the team from firstly suggests drawing the outline of the car. The sketch should be drawn using extremely light lines so as not to have any issues in making adjustments. To make your car’s sketch appear similar to a car with muscle sketch a powerful and large body with a low roof.



Step 2

The next step is to sketch the basic lines of most basic elements of the drawing of the muscle car. Start with the front, drawing an attractive grille and headlights that are round. Then, sketch the huge tires (muscle cars have always big strong wheels) and the outline of the windscreen as well as the lines that runs along the sides of the windows.


Step 3

The drawing of the car’s muscle is done Now we have to trace the muscle car using clearer and more dark lines. We’ll start with the front of the car as we trace the headlights. It is important to note that the Ford Mustang of old generations features round headlights like the majority of old-school muscle automobiles. The next step is to draw the line between the hood and the bumper.


Step 4

As we have mentioned the car’s roof is extremely low, meaning that the cars can have more aerodynamic performance. Therefore you sketch the lines that run through the lower section of the car and draw its rear-view mirror. Also, it is also possible to draw an air intake that appears underneath the underhood.


Step 5

There are numerous lines running along the sides of this strong American sports car as well, and in the 5th section of this guideline, we’ll draw the lines. Draw the doors (the only door, since it’s a coupe) as well as the side skirt, and lines that run along the sides of the car. Make sure to draw the handle.


Step 6

Massive and powerful tires and rims are the most distinctive characteristic of not just motorbikes, but of all supercars. We will trace out the tire with this process and then make it as smooth, smooth, and round as possible. Similar to that, you should trace the contours of the rims within the tires.


Step 7

The classic muscle cars are not equipped with huge tires However, the style of the past few years has made the rims wider and larger. Thus, use your imagination and draw rims of any design you want to draw. In our guide on drawing a car easily, we explained in greater detail how to draw the rims.


Step 8

The muscle car sketch is close to being completed. In the interest of making it appear more real and full, We want to create shadows. Shadows aren’t difficult to draw. The first step is to determine the source of light, which is the times it is from above. In this way, create simple hatching on your drawing. You can change the dark shadows by altering the pressure of your pencil.


We have tried to provide an instructional video on how to design the muscle car the easiest and most inexpensive. If you have any issues during the process of creating a muscle car, let us know about your experience in the comments section of this article or via our social media networks. The team at is waiting for your feedback on our pages on Pinterest (where you can discover many shorter versions of our content), Facebook, and Twitter (where we post announcements about our forthcoming drawing lessons). We’re always open to your ideas and comments and hope you don’t forget to share our drawing lessons with us.


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