Hello dear artists! Another drawing lesson, and another odd animal we’ve posted on our site. We’ve drawn bizarre creatures like the nose, Opossum as well as a sloth In this drawing lesson, we demonstrate the art of drawing the muraena.

Step 1 In reality, it’s easy to draw muraena. First sketch an oval to serve as a reference to your head. Then sketch a line to serve as an indication to the body.

Step 2
Muraena has small eyes and a huge mouth with sharp teeth. The muraena’s body is trimmed and draw out the fin which runs across the body from its head until the tail.

Step 3
Use your eraser to erase any guidelines to make all lines neat and beautiful. Draw out sharp teeth.

Step 4
All along the length of the body, draw broad transverse lines. Draw short lines along the long fin. Then, move on to the final step of the instructional guide on how to draw moraines.

Step 5
First, draw hatching lines on the lines vertically that we traced in the previous step. In the next step, you can add shadows with light hatching.

It was a drawing lesson on drawing a Camarena step-by-step. What drawing tutorial would you wish to be able to see on our website? Make your wish known on our site or on our social media pages.

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