How To Draw A Mummy Step by Step -

How To Draw A Mummy Step by Step

How To Draw A Mummy Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw A Hurricane Step by Step

Step 1

For the first step in this drawing tutorial for mummies Let’s start by drawing the head first.

The mummies are typically wrapped in several strips of fabric and therefore we’ll draw many of them during this course.

Utilize curved lines to sketch your mummy’s head in thin strips be sure to leave the lower half of the face unveiled.

There will be a space on the cloth close to the eyes. Then, they’ll be drawn in two circles.

Draw the nasal cavity, and then add the mouth with teeth beneath. Then, draw some more drawn lines to draw an outfit with patterns that cover shoulders of the mummy.

Step 2 – Draw the first arm of your mummy . In this step
In the next part of drawing the mummy, you will sketch the first arm of the monster. Before sketching the details of this arm, make use of pencil to draw the outline of the arms on your left.

Once you’ve drawn your outline, you can then use a pencil or pen with a darker shade for drawing strips of cloth around the outline.

Also, there will be an extra small bracelet on your wrist, which you can draw using straight lines. It’s time to move to step three of the guide!

Step 3 – Then draw the arm, along with a few parts of the chest.
For this part of the drawing a mummy tutorial, we’ll add another arm, as well as beginning to draw the chest of the mummy.

In the first branch, you could employ a technique similar to the one you employed in the first branch, since one branch will be placed exactly the same way as the other.

We will then draw the chest to the mummy.

Like different parts in the Mummy this part of the body is covered with a number of tiny pieces of fabric.

You could also sketch the outline using pencil before rewriting it using pen to add additional details to this section.

Step 4: Draw the legs as well as the first skirt
Following this sketch of the mummy we’ll now add the first leg with the dress that it’s wearing.

Let’s start there, and then we’ll add a belt consisting of tiny rectangles that will be atop of it.

Then, we’ll draw the skirt with straight lines that are slightly curled that will be used for the seam. It’ll also have lines inside to create a look of stitching.

Then, we’ll sketch the first leg of the Mummy. It is also possible to draw a line using pencil, and then draw the details of fabric on the contours to make it easier for you.

Once you’ve drawn these features and are ready to draw the final details as we move to this next phase!

Step 5: Add the final details to the mummy drawing.
You’re now ready to finish the final components of the painting with this step of our drawing mummy tutorial.

This will help you prepare for the last step, where you’ll be coloring your image. We’ll first add another leg to the mother.

Draw one leg like you did the other one, and then you can add other specifics.

Before proceeding to the next step, make sure you add any background information you desire! You could draw pyramids or some deserts as a background to give you some ideas.

What else do you think of to finish this mommy?

Step 6 – Finish your mummy’s drawing using the color
The final step in painting the mummy you can finish it with different shades. In the image we used as a reference we have used light brown and beige shades for the fabric bags.

Then we employed a darker shade of brown to cover the middle area as well as blue and yellow for the remainder of the clothing they were wearing.

There are many smaller areas of color on this picture and you might want to apply an application that allows you to achieve precision such as the use of fine or crayons.

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