How To Draw A Mummy Cat

How To Draw A Mummy Cat

Step 1:

Let’s start, shall we? Begin by drawing two head shapes and body of the cat. After that, you can sketch the outline of the facial features and an outline of the tail.

Step 2:

In the second step, you’ll employ the head guide for drawing the design of the cat’s face form. It should also include the fur tufts on cheeks.

Step 3:

The only thing you need to do is draw the ears of the cat in an upright shape and then draw some details in them, and the hair.

Step 4:

Begin drawing the bandage , which is placed around the face toward the back of the face, and then above the head.

Step 5:

Utilizing the facial guidelines, simply sketch out the cat’s gorgeous eyes. Be sure to include some vibrant coloring on the edges. Make sure to add eyebrows, and then you can draw with some bit more detail.

Step 6:

Now, guys, you’re ready to add a mouth and nose to this kitten. Once you’ve got that done, you can put on whiskers as well as teeth.

Step 7:

Let’s begin by drawing the body. Draw your front legs as well as paws. You can after that draw an arch for the back, and the lower leg. There are also bandages you’ll have to draw on the front legs of your lower leg, and on the paw extended.

Step 8:

What you must do is draw the bandages around the entire body. make sure you have a few pieces hanging from your body.

Step 9:

It’s a fun step since all you have be able to draw is the tail, which expands at the tips and then there’s a wrap a bandage around the tip of the tail.

Step 10:

In the final sketching step, all you need to do is to erase any mistakes, as well as all guides, and then sketch in the detail and the definition of the bandages.

Step 11:

You’re completed. Now , you can enjoy coloring the Halloween-themed mummy. You could you can even create a beautiful background.

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