How to Draw a Mug

It is important to know how to draw a mug and cup. You can also draw plates and cutlery. We’ve already demonstrated how to depict many of these objects. In the instructions on drawing a mug, you will be able to refresh your knowledge about tableware. team made this as easy as possible by dividing it into seven stages. All lines are highlighted in red.


Step 1

Let’s begin drawing the mug starting at the top. Draw a flat oval that will become the mug’s upper brim. The mirror can be used to verify the proportionality of your mug drawing.




Step 2

Make the sides of the mug by drawing two lines. You can make the mug look like a cylinder, or it can taper down. Remember that you can use a mirror to check the proportionality in a mug drawing.




Step 3

The bottom of your mug can be represented by the C-shaped line. You should now have the perfect cylinder. You can move on to stage four if your cylinder looks identical to the one created by




Step 4

Let’s make our cylinder sketch into an actual mug. This is done by drawing a semi-oval on the side. Later, it will become a handle.




Step 5

Let’s now give the handle of your mug a more vibrant look. The handle’s inner line should be drawn. The handle can be drawn in the exact same way as the outer line or slightly different, such as the example by




Step 6

Cleanse your mug drawing of any excess lines. This will make the artwork look beautiful and cleaner. You can make your mug drawing more beautiful and appealing by using a darker pencil.




Step 7

Let’s now paint the mug. You can paint it any color you like, but we chose red. You can paint, color pencils or felt-tip pen to paint the mug. Use a color brush if you are using a graphics tablet to draw.




We hope even the most novice artist can follow the instructions to draw a mug. Keep up to date with all the tutorials by artists by subscribing to us on Facebook and Pinterest.

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