how to draw a mouse

In this step-by-step drawing guide, The team at will teach you what to draw using a mouse.

The creature is so common and well-known that almost everyone who wanted to be an artist has at some point or another tried drawing it. However, not every artist has ever did they succeed in making the drawing correctly and attractive, the very first time.

In the next steps in the steps below, we’ll try to explain the drawing process of an animal in the most straightforward and inexpensive method. By learning this method you’ll be able to avoid mistakes when drawing this animal, and you will be able to achieve the best outcome.


Step 1

Let’s draw the mouse using two ovals. The smaller one will transform into a head, and the larger will become the form of a body. Make sure the lines are lighter to make fixing the problem easier later on.




Step 2

Utilizing two lines that curve to draw with two lines curved, the eye of the mouse uses two curved lines. Then, draw the nose with a pointed tip, just as the artists from did.




Step 3

With a small circle to draw on the top of the nose. Then, draw the pupil within the eye in the manner seen in the picture below.




Step 4

Then draw the distinctive ears of the tiny animal. The ears should be big and round. Draw a line within the ear, as one of the artists did.




Step 5

The front limbs of a smaller animal need to be in close proximity to one another and should be above the heads. Additionally, you can put small, sharp claws on the fingers.




Step 6

Let’s now focus on the hind limbs that the mouse has. The hind limbs are drawn exactly the same manner as the forelimbs. In this case, you can add claws.




Step 7

The mouse is famous for its tail that is long. The tail is represented by two straight lines. Examine your sketch and compare your drawing with ours. If everything is in order then proceed to the next stage.




Step 8

With the eraser to eliminate any unwanted guidelines, so long as you create an elegant and neat mouse drawing.




Step 9

Pick your favorite gray pencils, colors, or felt-tip pens, and color the mouse. However, mice aren’t just gray, but they can also be white, brown, or streaky.




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