how to draw a mountain

Do you love mountains like the artists from If yes then you’ll surely enjoy the instructions on drawing mountains. The guide on drawing mountains is part of the many posts on landscapes, with guides for the road as well as waterfalls. waterfall.

We made the whole process accessible and affordable for beginners. We created all new lines at every stage with red and then created an easy and understandable explanation to ensure maximum ease of use.


Step 1

First, sketch how the mountains’ contours are drawn using two lines that are smooth and uneven merging at the top. You could either create the design of a mountain or draw it in the same way that the artists of




Step 2

Let’s give the drawing of the mountain a bit of realness and volume. If you use a lot of lines that are jagged, you can create an impression of the mountain similar to what the artists of created.




Step 3.

We are continuing to add more details to the mountain sketch. The lines in the mountain should be uneven and short. These lines must be the least uneven and placed in a random arrangement.




Step 4

If there are unneeded marks in the mountain sketch, now is the time to eliminate these lines. Then, take a sharper pencil or ink, and sketch the entire piece so that it appears to be stunning and appealing.




Step 5

This is the final step of the tutorial on drawing mountains. In this phase, we are now ready to draw the mountain. Begin by coloring the background in light blue. Also, you can add clouds. After that, apply blue shades to paint the mountain like the artists from did.




We went through the process very easy and in a hazy way, we came to the final part of the tutorial on drawing the mountain. This artwork can be made more appealing and attractive by adding other elements like trees or other stones.

We are looking forward to receiving your comments and critiques. Send us all the things you have to say concerning this post. We will read all your comments and will respond to a lot of them.

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