How To Draw A Moth Step by Step || Butterfly Drawing

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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In the very first part of our guide on drawing moths, we’ll begin with the most striking part of it that are its wings.

They’re the most prominent characteristic because they feature a stunning pattern, however they can also be the most difficult to draw.

The first step is to begin with the upper right-hand edge of the wings. The border will be drawn using the help of circles, as shown in the illustration.

After you’ve drawn your wings’ outline, you can begin drawing the pattern. The pattern is quite intricate and , despite being complex, drawing it is not as difficult as you might think.

Draw each one between left and right. make sure you use an image as a reference and reference it while you draw.

Once you’re satisfied with the appearance on the wings it’s time to continue to part 2!

Step 2: Next Draw an image of the mirror for the next wing.

You’ve drawn a portion of the wing thus far in this portion in your drawing moth, we will draw the second part.

It will be much more straightforward for you since you’re copying the alternative wings you traced in the previous part.

Everything must be as similar to that thing as it is possible to ensure that the wings have symmetry.

Even those with lots of ornaments to decorate their wings, we’ll add additional information about these wings later in the guide.

Step 3. Draw the body and the remainder of the wings.

The drawing will cover almost every aspect of drawing moth tutorial, so make it easy! Start with the body and head of the moth in this segment.

These aspects can be drawn using circles and curves in order to make the head shape and the feel that the moth has. Draw some curves to represent the various segments that make up the body of the moth.

You can then draw the bottom portion of the wing. This is much larger than its top.

There are also aspects that you can replicate to create your drawing, and it is important to strive for an asymmetry between these wings.

Step 4: Next, you will draw more design details for the wings.

In the earlier part of this moth drawing lesson, we talked about adding extra details to the wing patterns . We’ll begin with that today!

The final step is to use your pen to add patterns, lines and other particulars to the upper wings.

These fine details can provide an elegant and gorgeous appearance to the wings and they can complete them in a unique manner.

It’s almost finished and we’ll repeat the process for the bottom half of wings in the following step.

Step 5 – Finish the details of your moth’s sketch

The next step in our tutorial on drawing moths will focus on finishing the details of the wings.

The focus will be on the lower half of the pattern in this section. The images will provide you with an excellent guideline on how to design patterns.

You can also create your own pattern details by using the outline of a wing to design your own moth!

If you choose to follow this method there’s no wrong method to go about it! It’s usually best when both sides are in harmony however, there’s no rules and take your pick of any style you prefer!

Step 6 – Complete your sketch with colors

A moth would not be complete without beautiful colours for the wings, so let’s add some color to your next moth drawing steps!

In our image of reference we chose a very warm palette, with dark oranges, dark yellows and browns constituting most in the color palette.

If you are a fan of the look it’s possible to copy the colors we chose, however, you could be as creative with any color you would like to add to it.

It is also possible to have enjoyment experimenting with various media and tools for art, such as watercolors and acrylic paints.

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