In this drawing course, we’ll show the viewer the art of drawing the Morningstar. As you are aware, the Morningstar was a weapon that crushes shocks that is an iron ball, adorned with spikes. Morningstar was an extremely deadly weapon during the early Middle Ages in particular for an armored knight fully dressed in armor.

Step 1
First, draw two lines parallel to each other to guide a shaft that will be the dawn star later.

Step 2
To the left draw a ball from the sunrise star.

Step 3
On the opposite side of the shaft, draw an elongated pommel by drawing the form of a circle.

Step 4
On the point of morning stars, you can see several spikes.

Step 5
Near the pommel, draw a wrap that resembles several lines.

Step 6
Ant in the final step includes shadows and reflections.

This was an illustration instruction on drawing the morning star or Morgenstern (its German name). This weapon was adored by knights and other warriors during the middle age. These weapons are also frequently encountered in video games such as RPG Ganre, which are in the hands of various Goblins, gnolls, and dwarfs. In addition, we have plenty of drawing tutorials for melee weapons. Just go to the section “Weapons”.

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