How to Draw a Moon Fairy

How to Draw a Moon Fairy

Step one:

Begin by drawing the outline and the small shapes that will be used for the frame of your moon fairy.

Step two:

The head/face guide will now be used to draw the profile of the fairy’s facial features. The profile should include the eyes, lips, and outline of the ears. After that, style her hair.

Step three:

Next, draw her neck shape and the outline of her body. These will also be drawn from a profile angle or side view. Draw the boots and her clothes. Give her some fingers and add details to the boots and clothes.

Step four:

Now draw the wings. You can make your own wings or use the ones I’ve created.

Step five:

Simply draw the star.

Step six:

You can now draw the crescent moon and view her foot and other legs. To clean up your art, you can also erase the guides and mistakes.

Step seven:

You’re done! You can either color the entire piece individually or just give it a solid color.

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