How to draw a Monster

In this simple guide that is super simple, the team at will teach how to draw the steps to draw an animal quickly and effortlessly. In this instructional video, you will be taught everything necessary to draw the monster.


Step 1

The process of drawing a monster isn’t as difficult as the process of drawing a human The only difference is the detail is different. The process of creating the human body by drawing its skeleton. It is easy to draw and comprises basic circles, ovals, and lines.




Step 2

On the face of your head show a lengthy animal face. Additionally, using loose and loose lines, show a powerful body. Draw the waist as narrow as you can and shoulders broad.




Step 3.

Imagine huge and scary arms with strong arms and hands. The arms must be as long as that of the gorilla, or another large animal.




Step 4

Let’s now draw our leg. They must be slightly smaller than the arms so that they give our creature more of an animal and wild appearance.




Step 5

Let’s go over the details right now. Draw an animal’s mouth decorated with teeth and no less animal’s eyes and a nose like the nose of a wolf.




Step 6

Draw whiskers along the side of the head, creating the head’s outline more animalistic. Above, draw the long and pointed ears.




Step 7

With a vast amount of small lines, sketch the woolen lines of the body, and don’t forget to draw the muscles on the body. The monster drawing should appear like this.




Step 8

We continue drawing monsters. Make use of the same short strokes, draw woolen arms and long fingers and sharp claws from animals.




Step 9

With smooth lines, trace smooth lines trace trousers and legs that look creepy. In the lower portion draw a wolf or dog’s feet to make the drawing appears to be a real animal.




Step 10

To make the drawing of the monster appear clean, you can get rid of any lines that aren’t needed with an eraser. Make clear, precise movements using an ink pen or pencil using your hands, and trace the entire outline that the creature has drawn.




Step 11

Then let’s draw the creature. Paint the eyes first in red. Then paint the fur gray-blue, and the pants gray. The shadows can be added to make the drawing larger.




There is a tutorial for drawing an animal exclusively on the website however, on social media, you can discover a variety of artworks. Make sure to sign up in order not to miss a lot of information that is interesting.

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