Hello dear artists. You may have noticed that our website is filled with cool drawing lessons about various cars such as Mini Cooper and Bugatti. All these cars are great, but what about the real monster car? Dear artists, let’s learn how you can draw a monster truck.

Step 1
Drawing cars is a common way to start lessons. This monster truck is no exception. Take a pencil and draw the body using straight lines. These lines should be very thin.

Step 2
Let’s now look at the distinctive feature of monster cars: the giant monstrous wheels. The wheels are quite low in comparison to the body. As in the previous step, we use very thin lines.

Step 3
Continue to draw our monster truck. The windows should be drawn at the top of your truck’s body. The bumper, radiator grille, and headlights should be drawn at the front. Draw the outline of the wheel arches at the sides of the body. Draw the suspension and outline of the rims.

Step 4
Now that the basic outline is complete, we can move on to the details of our monster truck. Draw the details for the radiator grille and headlights at the front. Next, draw the bumper and hood.

Step 5
Draw the cabin of our monster car using windows. Continue to draw along the lines of the hood. Next, draw the car’s rear and wheel arches. Make sure to remove all unnecessary lines from the body of your chevy truck.

Step 6
This is the most difficult step in the tutorial how do you draw a monster truck? Next, we will need to draw the large and small wheels in detail. Next, sketch the suspension detail and proceed to the next step.


Step 7
We also need to use circles here. Draw the classic rims accurately. These rims were fairly straightforward, but you can make them in any shape.

Step 8
We have reached the final step in this monstrous drawing lesson. To make the drawing lesson more realistic, we will add shadows. This lesson is an exception to the rule that hatching is recommended for shadows.

It was difficult but we persevered and now have a Monster Truck drawing. We are trying to make our lessons interesting and informative. This will allow us to grow and create new drawing lessons.

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