How to Draw A Monster Truck Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

Drawing Blackbeard, Step by Step

In the beginning of the tutorial on drawing monster trucks we’ll concentrate on the grill of the monster truck and headlights.

In the beginning, draw thin, jagged rectangles to create the grill for the monster truck. You can then trace the grill’s hood like the one in the image reference.

You can also create headlights by using a combination of lines and circles.

Step 2. Draw the monster truck’s head.

Once you’ve finished creating the exterior of your monster truck, you are able to begin drawing its top in the next step.

Then, you can paint the windshield as well as the rear and front windows. Then, draw the tailpipes that protrude from the rear of the truck, as seen in our image reference.

Step 3: Now draw an additional front of the truck, and add some flame decals

We’ll add some truck grills and side panels in this stage of our monster truck tutorial.

In order to do this, adhere to the image referenced to build the front end of the truck with a few curves.

The next step is to paint the sides of your truck starting with on the upper part of the arches and the flame-decals. You are now prepared for step 4.

Step 4 : Draw the initial wheel of your monster truck.

The monster truck design will not look as similar to some of the bigger wheel designs, therefore we’ll just add the first design in this stage!

They can appear quite complicated because of the spike designs embedded in the wheel, which is why this is an aspect you should be sure to adhere to in the image reference.

You can draw the wheel using a pencil before sketching it out with the pen.

Step 5: Now you can draw a new large wheel

You’ve already sketched one of the wheels on your truck We’ll draw another in this section of our drawing an awesome truck tutorial!

The wheel will be a significantly bigger over the rear wheel since it is more compact to the other. This means that the details will be much more precise than the earlier section.

Step 6 : Draw the last wheel, and add some final specifics in this step.

Before you apply some colors in your creation of a monster truck design Just add some detail and other elements.

The first thing to include is the last wheel that is on the back to the vehicle. You can also draw a silhouette under the truck, as seen in the illustration.

Prior to moving to the next step you can add extra details, such as different logos or decals on the truck.

Another thing you can do is drawing the background to show the location the monster truck is traveling. What ideas can you come up with to enhance your drawing of a monster truck to make it more complete?

Step 7 – Draw your monster truck sketch by adding color

The last part of our guide on drawing an image of a monster truck is bound to be a blast! In this part, you’ll be able use your preferred colors and techniques to create this masterpiece!

In our reference image we chose bright yellow and red for the truck and some dark gray to match the wheels of the truck.

But, this is only one of the ways you can draw with color. Monster trucks tend to be vibrant and colorful, with all kinds of cool designs and decals on them.

This allows you plenty of flexibility in the way you color it! If you’ve drawn sub-elements or background details that you want to color, you can do this too.

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