In the last lessons in drawing, we taught you the art of drawing Cerberus the infamous dog from the realm of Hades. We decided today to share a drawing tutorial on a dog that is similar to the one we showed you but with a few minor distinctions. The dog of today will have just two heads instead of 3, and the snake tail. Therefore, let’s begin with the basics of drawing an enormous dog.

Step 1
Although this breed is unique, however, we’ll draw it just like a typical dog with the sole difference being that the dog today is two-headed. The first step is to sketch 2 heads and a chest as well as the pelvis. Utilizing easy lines sketch the necks, spine, and legs.

Step 2
Now let’s work on the volume. Start with the head before moving towards the tail. This will outline the wide mouths and dark eyes. Sketch out the form of the neck and torso which narrows at the lower part of the stomach. By using thin lines, draw the paws as well as the snake tail.

Step 3
In the earlier steps, we sketched out the base of the drawing. In this stage, we’ll begin working to finalize the details shifting from head to tail. Draw the outline of the heads with jaws that are open as well as sharp teeth. Don’t forget to draw the wrinkles and other details like in the naked model.

Step 4
Draw the outline of the vertebrae, as illustrated in our illustration. Don’t forget to take out any unnecessary guides from the neck and the torso.

Step 5
This may seem like a daunting task however it’s not. In this step, we have to draw out the outline of the legs as well as the strong claws, which are attached to the legs. Draw out the lines that remain of the torso as well as the long serpentine tail. Also, remove any unnecessary lines from the drawings.

Step 6
The final step of the traditional will be focused on drawing shadows. Using dense shading, add shadows. Draw dark hatching using dark shadows, and light hatching to create light shadows.

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