This article is dedicated to drawing monoculars. This object was for a long time not very popular, and has been replaced by binoculars was loved by people all over the globe and served as the companion of hundreds of people who were able to discover it.

Step 1

Drawing lessons are often started by drawing a simple cylinder and this straightforward instruction is not an exception. In order to draw the cylinder properly begin by drawing two straight lines. On one side, draw an oval and on the opposite side, draw it will be a “C” shaped curve.



Step 2

Let’s transform this basic cylindrical shape into something that resembles the monocular sketch. To do this, sketch the lines of the front of the monocular as well as the lens as drawn by the artists at


Step 3

Modern monoculars are equipped with various options, and they can be customized by using specific thumbscrews that are wrapped around the body. Therefore, you can draw this thumbscrew with the help of various basic linear and transverse lines.


Step 4

The drawing of the monocular is close to being complete. it’s time to make it appear more dense and sturdy. In order to achieve this, we must create shadows on the body, as well as some glares on the lenses.



We have already shown you the drawing of a single eye in four simple steps. However, with these easy steps, you can draw not just the monoculars, but telescopes, telescopes, and even binoculars simply by adding another “eye” and connecting them using an eye bridge and then using a couple of thumbscrews.



The team at is hoping that you are able to precisely duplicate what you have seen above. Try drawing the monocular in a separate piece or with the help of a soldier or a sailor. If you’d like to keep track of all other drawing lessons, be sure to join our social networks and be sure to share the drawing lesson we teach.

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