how to draw a monkey

In this simple 10-stage tutorial, the team of will teach how to draw ways to draw the monkey simple and quickly.

Because human beings like monkeys and humans are closest of relatives, they can be drawn in a very similar way. However, there are some differences that we’ll explore in our tutorial on drawing an animal.


Step 1

In the beginning, you should draw firstly, and depict the skeleton that the mongoose has. Draw the pelvis, chest, and head as ovals or balls. Then, draw the spine that connects to the long tail as well as the limbs. Arms should be slightly longer than legs.




Step 2

Therefore, from this point, we’ll draw the finer details of the drawing with clearer lines. Draw a portrait of an impressive superciliary arch as well as an elongated jaw that protrudes forward.




Step 3

Then draw a large cheekbone line, an ear with a frowning eye, nostril, and cheekbones. Make sure to join your head to your chest to create an erect neck.




Step 4

Then, using just some long lines, draw the arms of the monkey. The arms of the monkey look very similar to the arms of a normal human.




Step 5

Then draw the hands. They’re also like the hands of a normal person. hand of the average person, however with the exception of the hands being larger because they help climb trees.




Step 6

Let’s draw how the primates’ legs look. Start with the upper limbs before drawing the legs and then finish the legs by drawing feet.




Step 7

Utilizing a short line attach the lower part of the chest with the pelvis, forming an abdomen. Utilizing a different line, finish with the long tail.




Step 8

In the eighth phase of the tutorial on drawing the monkey, our job is very easy We will only have to eliminate the lines that are auxiliary to it.




Step 9

The final stage means that it’s now time to color the monkey. It can be painted light brown or another color since primates’ colors vary greatly.




The instructions we provide for drawing animals are simple, in the instructions on drawing the monkey, it can be clearly observed. Be aware that the team is and excited to hear your feedback. Therefore, feel free to share with us your thoughts or wishes as we will read every word you write and will reply to your many feedbacks.

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