Hello, dear young artists! We at our site are continuing to provide drawing classes for beginners and youngsters. Today, we’ve created a simple drawing lesson where we’ll focus on drawing an adorable monkey for children. If you take a look at the animals who are throwing their excrement at each other, it’s difficult to believe they are our ancestral ancestors. Let’s begin sketching.

Step 1
From the viewpoint of an artist drawing an animal is fascinating. In this illustration you will see the similarities between humans and monkeys. We’ve already drawn animals like cows, cats, and rabbits and the proportions of monkeys are more human-like. To begin, sketch the face of the animal in a shape of an arc. Draw the spine, which flows into the tail. This is done using a curving line. By using straight and short lines, draw the legs and arms. In the first step, it is recommended to make use of smooth and gentle lines to make it easy to erase the lines as we move on to the next step.

Step 2
Then, turn the stickman of our adorable monkey into the shape of a head. To begin, mark the head with two parallel lines, horizontal and vertical. Vertical (note that it has a slight bend) will be the basis that defines facial symmetry. It’s horizontal (bend too) shows the position of the eyes. The two lines are perpendicular to each other, and their curves reveal the direction of the head when it is slightly elevated and extended. Hands are separated into three clearly distinct parts: that are the arm (between the elbow and the head) the forearms (from wrist to elbow) along with hands. Utilizing a curly and elongated form, draw the body. In addition, the legs are also made of three components (top-down) including shins, thighs, and feet. By using smooth and curly lines, trace the shapes that the tail takes.

Step 3
Draw the faces of the adorable monkey. Utilizing patterns of symmetry drawn on the face that we created in the previous step and drawing the eyes (they are like two ovals that are elongated). Draw the ears in the form that of two ovals. Then draw the mouth like in the image below. Draw lines of eyebrows above the eyes in the form of the letter “M”. Also, note an interesting aspect when it comes to human facial proportions, for example, the upper ear tips of the monkey are in the same space as the eyebrows, and the low tips of the ear are in the same plane as the nose. Similar monkey faces can be able to see in a variety of cartoons.

Step 4
Remove the lines that are not needed from the head. Draw the lines in the image below. Draw the auricles of the ears. Sketch out the tiny nose. Draw the pupils of the eyes. Note their positions because it transmits the direction of view. Remember to draw the vertically curved line below the nose.

Step 5
Draw the vine out The hands of the monkey Draw fingers. How can we more accurately draw the form and position of hands? This is because we must pass through the hand position when grasping. By drawing a few vertical lines trace the wool that is finished at the wrist. Make sure to erase the lines.

Step 7
Do the work Draw the tail and legs. The monkey is now ready. Check out the result more closely. Eliminate any unnecessary marks and lines. Finalize the design for the monkey to appear like in our example.

This drawing lesson for you was designed by the artist of Best of luck and goodbye!

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