In one of our earlier drawing classes, the group of artists and editors from taught the drawing of television and in this identical instruction, we will demonstrate how to draw an image of a screen. Both subjects are very similar and actually serve similar purposes. Yet, despite their similarities, they also have significant differences that will be considered in this article about how to draw the screen.

Step 1

Let’s begin drawing the screen starting from the most crucial point, which is, the outside outlines of the screen. By using straight lines (which naturally can be drawn using the ruler, however, we recommend against making use of it) mark everything exactly as illustrated in the example provided by the designers of



Step 2

Let’s transform this basic rectangle into something that resembles screens. In order to do this, we’ll have to draw another rectangle within the one that we have drawn in the initial step. Also, mark the side of the screen using two short and one long line.


Step 3

Now, let’s create a stand beneath the screen. This particular detail can be of a variety of kinds that’s why you can sketch a stand in the same way as we did or design your own form for this area. Additionally, you could make buttons for the side or bottom panel.


Step 4

In the fourth section of the sketching instructions on drawing the screen, it will be dedicated to highlights and shadows, which give the screen design realism and size. First, sketch the glare onto the screen using the aid of two lines of light. Then, using the aid of hatching, put the shadows on the locations illustrated in the examples from the designers of


The group of artists at believes that the lesson was so easy that even the novice artist can master the art of drawing the screen. If you experience any difficulties you have, let us know regarding it right below, in our comment section below, or via email (maybe you still use this method for communication) or through our groups on Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media sites.

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