We decided to create an entirely new drawing tutorial for you to learn to draw miniature guns. We didn’t use complicated shadows or unique angles in this lesson as we want to ensure that the drawing lesson was able to be straightforward.

Step 1
We first sketch the outline of this machine gun. It’s a lot of fun when you draw this step precisely without the aid of the ruler.

Step 2
In this stage, we have to divide the rectangle into three horizontal lines. Then, draw four vertical short lines like in the image below. The barrels were drawn at this point. Recheck your drawing because the barrels must appear straight, parallel, and even to one the other.

Step 3
Remove all guidelines that are not needed from the barrels of your machine guns and then add the final details.

Step 4
Then we’ll move to the final step where we repeat the actions of the previous step using the arm handle and rear sight.

It was a drawing tutorial where we were taught how to draw guns for the beginner. We hope that this tutorial can be of help to you. Be sure to check back and say goodbye!

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