We are here to welcome everyone. Today, we’ll tell and teach you the art of drawing an illustration of a Mini Cooper. The legendary car was adored by many for its beautiful appearance and the reality that it was a car owned by The character of Mr. Bean in the eponymous series.
Step 1
Let’s begin drawing this Mini Cooper sketching out the outline of our future vehicle as you observe in the illustration below. Make use of translucent and light lines for this step and the following step.
Step 2
Continue using transparent and light lines, it is time to sketch in the headlights that are rounded and grilles for the front. On the other side of the car, sketch out the wheels and mirrors to create a front view.
Step 3
Use a pencil with a darker shade and begin adding the final details according to our guidelines. The first step is to draw round headlights as well as the radiator grille that has numbers in the middle.
Step 4
The next step is drawing the front which is our Mini Cooper. With a smooth line, draw a bumper as well as a Hood. In the middle of the hood, draw your Mini Cooper logo and a tiny air intake. On the lower portion of the bumper, draw your fog light.
Step 5
Draw the windshield, as well as the roof, followed by the lines drawn in the previous step. Then sketch the windows on either side and the rear-view mirrors.
Step 6
We continue our drawing lesson on drawing the outline of a Mini Cooper. Here we draw the handle, the door, and the car’s bottom.
Step 7
Drawing very smoothly, trace out round wheels, as in our illustration. Don’t forget to draw out large wheel arches.
Step 8
Draw wheel rims like in our illustration (or create your own design of the rims). If the drawing for Mini Cooper is made in the style of a simple pencil, then you need to draw in shades. This gives the car a 3-D perspective and increases its size. By using light hatching, you can make shadows like those in the example.

The mini Cooper is now ready. It is possible to draw cars as a separate drawing or in a composition such as in your roads.

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