How to Draw A Milkshake Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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If you order a milkshake, it’s usually served from a large glass and that’s where we’ll begin in the very first part of our instructional guide on drawing the milkshake.

To begin this process you’ll need a ruler to ensure that your lines are straight.

To draw the glass’s sides, we’ll draw straight lines that run upwards with an angle.

Draw some curves to the glass’s base And then, you can create another curve around these lines for the remainder part of the glass base.

The top portion part of the glass to the moment, since we’ll draw the milkshake inside that space shortly.

Step 2: Draw the beginning of the milkshake, and then draw more of the glass.
The next step of your milkshake drawing will have you draw the drink! For the first step, we’ll draw a curving line across the glass’s opening.

The line will curve upwards towards the end and will extend slightly over what is visible on the outside of glass.

We’ll then draw more lines around the circle of the edges of the glass.

They can be joined to the bottom using a different curve, like in the image reference. You’ll then be prepared to move on to the next stage of the tutorial!

Step 3. Draw the milkshake’s top on the top
The next step is to sketch the top portion of our drink during this stage of the milkshake recipe.

This can be done by making some horizontal curves that appear as if the milkshake curdled in its own.

To finish the milkshake, we’ll make use of an arc that is pointed. This will indicate exactly where milkshakes stopped flowing.

The milkshake will have a little amount of space left over at the very top of your milkshake since this is the place the place where we’ll add topping layers in the following step.

Step 4 – Now Draw the first layer from the layer above.
Making a great shake is one thing but it’s better when you add delicious toppings.

We’ll be adding a few of these delicious toppings into your milkshake in this stage.

The examples we provide in the tutorial are only an example of what you can create however, you could make some custom overlays that you create!

We created a circle in the space made in the milkshake at the previous step. The stem will that is split in two to create an emerald sitting inside the milk in a cup.

We’ll then draw an outline that extends from the left side. It will be a rectangle with diagonal lines running through it, and it is an elongated wafer.

You can then move on to the finalized details on the sketch in the following section!

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Milkshake Drawing
To finish this image prior to the final step of the milkshake recipe, we’ll add some final information.

The milkshake is in need of something to assist in its consumption to the fullest extent, so you can draw the straight and curly lines to create the straw bent with stripes that stick out.

You can finish with small circles on top the milkshake to add sprinkles. If you add some more ingredients you could also draw some custom designs!

The addition of a background is just one option, and if had to, what image would you draw to have fun with this milkshake?

Step 6: Complete your milkshake’s drawing in color
It’s time to complete the milkshake sketch with colour! In a drawing such as that, the color of your drawing is particularly important because it helps to identify the kind of milkshake.

In the image we used as a reference we applied a few shades of pink in the milkshake itself , to suggest that it is the kind of milkshake that is strawberry-flavored.

Then we added a beautiful deep red to make the cherry above as well as a brown to make on the straw, as well as finally a Blue with stripes of white for straw.

Then, we used different vibrant colors to create the scattering. Do you think you would use the same palette to paint your own?

This is your chance to showcase your favorite milkshake flavors with the colors you pick and have fun getting imaginative after you’re finished!

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