This drawing lesson will teach you step-by-step how we draw a microwave. Although the tutorial is simple, you will see that the results are very realistic. You can find similar lessons on our website about washing machines, a laptop, and mobile phones.

Step 1
Start with a rectangle-shaped volume. We will use straight lines here, as shown in the lesson How to Draw a TV.

Step 2
Add some elements to the design, such as the legs and lines for the door.

Step 3
Draw the rectangle-shaped window for the microwave’s door.

Step 4
We also add controls. They are different for different models. For example, we have drawn two displays and a few buttons.

We have now completed the lesson on How to Draw a Microwave. Our lessons are simple and useful. We do our best to make sure that they are. We would love it if you liked our drawing lessons and signed up for our social network.

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