How to Draw a Microscope is made up of not only artists but also scientists and doctors. Therefore we created a tutorial on how to draw a microscope. The guide will consist of eight basic stages. Each stage was painted in red, and each stage received a brief but clear description.

Preparing your artist set is necessary to begin the instruction on drawing a microscope. A pencil or an electronic pen can be used to draw a microscope on paper.


Step 1

To draw a microscope, you will need to depict an elongated cuboid or a volumetric rectangle. You should use very thin, almost transparent lines for all lines.




Step 2

Let’s now get to the details. Let’s start with the stage, depicting it in its central portion. Next, draw the base at its bottom.




Step 3

Now, draw the back of your cuboid and the arm that runs from the bottom to the top.



Step 4

Next, draw the head of a microscope from the top of the cuboid. Draw the eye tube as a cylinder.



Step 5

Next, trace the objectives of the microscope to the bottom. Three pieces should be used for the objectives.



Step 6

The illumination system is depicted at the bottom of this sketch. The adjustment knobs at the sides of the arm are shown.



Step 7

Use an eraser to clean the microscope drawing. Take the pencil and draw again the microscope drawing using darker lines.



Step 8

Let’s paint the microscope. We chose to use the classic colors of beige, metallic, and black. You can color this amazing scientific tool in any color you like.



These lines are already covered. We recommend that you take the time to read the entire instruction and not just scroll through it. You now have the ability to draw a microscope. Check out our other articles to learn how to create a home, a chair, and many more.

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