Hello dear artists. Do you enjoy science as much as we do? it? Today, we have made a decision to pay tribute to the beautiful and amazing science of the world and develop an instructional video on drawing the microscope.

Step 1
Begin by sketching out an ordinary rectangle like in our illustration.

Step 2
Sketch out the top part of the microscope which is comprised of an eyepiece and arm.

Step 3
With the aid of light lines, draw out three lenses. The arm should be a bit larger.

Step 4
Lower the position a bit to sketch the stage knob and an illuminator.

Step 5
We’ll begin to work on the details. Draw the eyepiece out hand, objective lens, and hand.

Step 6
Eliminate all unnecessary guidelines and trace the stage, the illuminator, and the knob as well as the base.

Step 7
The next step is to draw the shadows. Make them hatchable by placing them in areas where light doesn’t fall.

We hope that this lesson on drawing an optical microscope was informative and useful for you. It is possible to draw this object on its own or as a part of a drawing. For instance, you could sketch it onto your table alongside drawing the doctor on top of it.

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