how to draw a microphone

In this simple video tutorial on drawing, the staff from will teach how to draw the art of drawing microphones quickly and easily.

The subject was requested to draw by one of our readers. In case you’d like to look up specific drawing instructions on send us a message. us.


Step 1

Let’s draw the microphone in the regular circle. Try drawing this circle without the assistance of an additional method or with the aid of the Compass.




Step 2

Then with a geometric form that resembles a circle and sketches the handle of a microphone. You can draw the handle using the help of a ruler, or attempt to do it without.




Step 3

Let’s begin adding the necessary details to the drawing of our microphone. Draw the lines in the same way as we did in the microphone artwork in the following words.




Step 4

Let’s now create the sound’s texture. This is best done with a number of lines intersecting in the same space from one.




Step 5

With an eraser take out any guidelines that are not needed from the mic’s artwork. You can draw the artwork of the microphone with darker lines, making it clearer and more attractive. In addition to the components that have been drawn out, you may include additional details like switches, buttons, or wires.

Step 6

Microphones are available in a variety of shades, but we chose to paint our microphones in gray shades. Paints are available as well as coloring pencils or felt-tip pens. You can also include highlights and shadows.




And, dear readers we gradually but surely reached the conclusion of our instruction on drawing an audio microphone. In keeping with tradition, we divided this instruction into six easy steps each consisting of simple lines that are highlighted with red.

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