How To Draw A Meteor Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw The Mad Hatter Step by Step

In the beginning in this tutorial on meteors we’ll begin with the form of the meteor. This is a fairly simple procedure, since the meteor’s shape is pretty simple.

It’ll have a round shape, similar to the one we chose in our previous example.

It looks like a big chunk of rubble. So we’ll try to get a uneven and bumpy form.

After you’ve drawn the form of the meteor, we can begin adding additional elements and details over the next few steps!

Step 2: Now, draw some details of the meteor

Once you’ve finished the overall form of this meteor sketch and are ready to begin adding detail details on the surface.

Meteorites often have holes and dents and we’ll include some of these details right now.

It is possible to do this by adding irregularly round ovals across your meteor’s surface.

After you’ve drawn the shapes, you may apply a few simple line details around the circles to give them more dimension.

This is all that has to be completed for this step. Now we can proceed to step 3 in this tutorial.

Step 3 – Draw the start point of the meteor’s flame.

When meteors fly through the air and enter space, their incredible speed causes them to gather a significant amount of heat. They will also make a trail of burning when they fly.

This effect of fire is what we’ll be with in the first stage in the tutorial on meteors.

To accomplish this, you could make some curves and spikes embedded into them on the front side of your meteor.

This will reveal that the meteor has broken into the atmosphere, causing an explosive flare! After this has been started it is possible to add more it over the next phases of our tutorial.

Step 4: Next trace the remains of the flames that surrounded the meteor

The fiery surrounding of this meteor’s drawing in the first step, and in this one we’ll complete the outline of the fire block.

To complete the outline, extend some curves and spikes, creating the “tail” that the meteor has.

The tail is thicker in the vicinity of the meteorite in itself, and it will get smaller as it moves further away to reveal the direction it is following.

After drawing this outline then you’ll be able to add the final details and personal ideas to the drawing in the fifth step of the guide.

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Meteor Drawing

This section of our guide on drawing shooting stars will be the final touch to the final touches that will make the drawing even more appealing.

To enhance the detail we’ve shown, make sharper curves within the meteor’s bright tail. This will to add some dimension to the photo.

Once you’ve entered these details You’re now ready for the last step of the course! Before you continue, you could include some additional specifics of your own.

One option is to create a background that includes elements of planets, stars, or other meteors.

When you’re looking to be more inventive and want to add something interesting, like an alien spaceship! What do you think you can do with this picture before coloring it for the last step?

Step 6 – Complete your meteor sketch in color

You’re now prepared to finish your meteor sketch with colors that will make it pop! In our illustration we explained how we interpret the color of this image.

We added various hues of lighter brown on the surface of the meteorite to create a rugged look. We used a variety of shades of oranges and reds to make the meteor’s fiery surroundings.

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