How to Draw a Mermaid Queen

How to Draw a Mermaid Queen

Step 1:

To create a mermaid queen, we will first make the body guidelines.

Step 2:

After the guides have been drawn out, you will be able to use the head guide for drawing the face and the elven-like shaped ears. The bridge and dark brows will be added.

Step 3:

Finish the face by giving her sultry eyes and a welcoming smile. Notice how I added a mole to her face.

Step 4:

Add details inside the ear.

Step 5:

This is where you will first draw the hair. Mermaids are known for their beautiful hair. The queen’s hair is long and lustrous, and falls perfectly. After you have finished shaven the head and hair, draw the arm that is above the head. The arm step was a bit of a mistake. If you can see the error, please correct it. Draw the torso, some of her waist and the flaps of the tail that are fin-like frills around her waist. It’s almost like a band.

Step 6:

Continue to pull out longer, thicker hair. Next, draw the other arm out and hand. After that, wrap the tail around your waist and add the medallion to the center.

Step 7:

The mermaid’s body will be completed by drawing the tail, and then a long flowing fin. You can also add details to the fin.

Step 8:

Again, it is necessary to add more thick locks.

Step 9:

Draw the moon in the background. You can use any background you like. I chose to draw the moon. You can forget about the guides and mistakes.

Step 10:

You are done! Once you’ve colored in the mermaid princess, upload your artwork so I can see it.

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