How To Draw A Mermaid Girl Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

The first step is to incorporate the forms. One is her face and the remaining two will be for her body as well as back. Draw according to the instructions for her face and tail.

Step 2

Next, outline the contours of her face. Finally, begin drawing the long, thick, hair. Then, draw her hair in the water. The style I chose to use will be long and wavy and straight. Instead of bangs I decided to go with an asymmetrical style. After you’ve sketched your hairstyle, make sure to add some details in the shape of hair strands.

Step 3

With the help of the facial guideline Start drawing the eyes along with her nose and upper mouth contours for her lips. The contour of the eye should be as long that the mascara. Make a an eyelid crease and then move the fourth step.

Step 4

Make sure your eyebrows are well-shaped and draw an eyeliner. Draw the rest of the mouth, including the upper and lower lip.

Step 5

Continue drawing the mermaid’s stunning long hairstyle. You’ll be able to see that I’ve drawn her hair exactly the way I would like it to. Make sure to take your time with this part as one of the most appealing aspects of Mermaids is their hairstyles.

Step 6

Once the face, head, and body are all complete You can begin sketching the upper part of her body. Begin with her arms, shoulders and outline her bust, i.e. the slender breasts. You can paint the pretty shell necklace, or leave it alone.

Step 7

Draw her arm in her posture, then draw her hand, and finally her pearl necklace. Draw some small particulars of her hands and then draw her chest and back or the torso.

Step 8

Okay, let’s begin sketching the bottom shape and note the way her body, or fins form. The lines of her body are likely to be huge. Draw some of the details of the surface, then continue into step 9.

Step 9

In the last step, sketch her beautiful tail fin as shown when you draw this, make sure to make sure you take your time to make it look amazing. In the end, outline the many scales that are scattered across her body. Then remove the lines as well as forms that you created in step one.

Step 10

This is the end of the line art. Select a color palette to begin the creative portion of the entire lesson

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