How to Draw a Mermaid

This tutorial will show you how to draw the mermaid. A mermaid, in mythology, is a female demonic figure, usually associated with water.

Just like the Disney cartoon, our mermaid will radiate kindness and joy. The mermaid’s upper body is that of a mischievous young girl.  Let’s move on to the tutorial about how to draw a Mermaid to send her sailing.


Draw a Mermaid Quickly

Step 1: Sketch the Head, Ribcage, and Pelvis

Their captivating appearance and magic singing can actually be dangerous, as sailors believed in antiquity. The sailors misunderstood the thought that mermaids were just ordinary women because they swam up to the surface of the water and left their tails in deep waters. Let’s draw a Mermaid that floats. Let’s draw three circles of equal size and arrange them so that they push each other up.




Step 2: Sketch the Arm and Spine

Draw a line around the spine. Draw a line down until you see that the tail is long enough. Draw arms as well. Make three dots and draw between them.




Step 3: Sketch the guidelines and torso

Draw two lines. Draw the chest using a straight line. Next, draw a straight line from the chest to the waist. As you draw closer to the tail, taper the lines. Draw an extension towards the circle in the lower part of the stage that you drew in the first stage.




Step 4: Draw the Arm of the Mermaid

Now it is time to turn the arm. We don’t see the other side of the mermaid’s body. We draw with one hand. To sketch the arms and joints, use simple geometric shapes. Don’t make the arm too tight as it is primarily for a woman’s use. Mermaids can be beautiful, and beautiful legends have been written about them. The arms should not be less graceful.




Step 5: Draw the Tail of the Mermaid

The lines should follow the path of the long line at the beginning. These lines should be flowing and long. You can check the accuracy of your mermaid drawing through a mirror.




Step 6 – Draw the Fin of the Mermaid

It’s fine to have an aquarium at your home. Look closer to see what’s there. It is probably an ornamental fish. Look closely at the fin at the tail. This engine is so powerful for all fish. Keep the image of the tail of your fish and draw lines.




Step 7: Draw the Face of the Mermaid

Now it’s time for beauty to be brought back to the surface of the water! We had previously drawn lines across the face to get an intersection at the center. These guidelines will help you to draw the eyes. You’ll need a small, neat nose and plump lips. The shape of your eyebrows will determine how emotional the look is. You can bend them to make the mermaid appear more dangerous.




Step 8 – Make Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair should look lush and beautiful, with a light brown color. We will try to make the hair look as natural as possible. The hair should be straight and not have thick, dense lines that run along the length of it.  Make the hair lines bulging, and round to add volume to the curls. Another curl will be done in the background. This will give the illusion that the mermaid’s hair looks lush and long.




Step 9 – Add details to the Mermaid

To detail the chest, draw a simple round line. The drawing will be more precise if you make a few strokes at the elbow of your arm. Lightly touch the belly to highlight the aquatic relief of our sea beauty. To separate fingers, draw a few lines along the wrist. You can also add a few more lines to the lumbar region.




Step 10 – Draw Mermaid Clothing

The mermaid isn’t yet ready to dive into the deepest parts of the ocean. This mythical creature must be dressed, despite the fact that it is not yet ready to swim into the sea. Draw the outline of the clothing on the body using simple curves.




Step 11 – Delete the Guidelines

Great! Difficult work, but worth it. This is a gorgeous mermaid with a slim waist, long tail, lush curls, and a stunning sea companion. Let’s get rid of all the rules and focus on correct and clear shapes.




Step 12 – Color the Mermaid drawing

You can use the colors in this example to color your mermaid or create your own color scheme. Shadows can be added to enhance the voluminous appearance of your mermaid.




What chance is there that a fishtail could ever be a part of a human’s birth? It’s quite interesting, isn’t it? Similar myths about zoomorphic were found in many parts of the globe among some of the most diverse cultures. The Hindus believed in the Naga people, their women had snake tails, and so did the Hindus. Are you familiar with Medusa Gorgon, In this instance, it’s the same tradition as combining the characteristics of an animal and a person to give birth to a monster?

Are you a believer in the existence of mermaids Many believe that sea creatures were mistakenly referred to as mermaids because it was difficult to see which head was visible from the surface? Although it was once understood that the fantasy was stormy, it is now easy to believe in mermaids if you read the articles on the Internet.

Let’s look at the mermaid drawing. Is this a mermaid? Which was easier to draw, the hair or the tail? We invite you to pick any mythological creature that interests you and share your thoughts in the comments. We may even be able to teach you how to draw this particular creature.


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