Dear viewers of! Today, we’re ready to give you a new drawing course that will concentrate on engineering, but more about the contemporary luxury car. As you probably guessed, you are now reading the drawing guideline, which will show you a drawing of the Mercedes S-Class W221.

Step 1
Let’s begin by tracing the contours of the exterior of your vehicle. Be aware that the lines in this stage are extremely light and smooth. Later on, the lines will need to be checked and flawless such as on the iPhone. Return to the car, and observe the characteristics of the angles of view. the front area must be especially large. Keep this in mind while you draw the wheels and the body that make up our Mercedes.

Step 2
The next step is to outline the curving and smooth headlamps, and radiator grilles and draw wings over the wheels. To our left, sketch your rearview mirror.

Step 3
Utilizing a pair of smooth lines, trace the bumper’s outline and draw out the exterior area of the discs in the wheel.

Step 4
Draw door lines, and outline the lines of the side windows. Draw the second rearview mirror by drawing a thin horizontal line, drawing an edge on the side of the car body. of the car’s body.

Step 5
Draw the outline of the grille for the radiator – be aware that the thickness is not uniform. The grille on top is significantly larger than the sides and the bottom.

Step 6
In the middle of the grille’s radiator, draw a narrow, thin wedge. Within the space within the grille, draw small horizontal lines.

Step 7
Then draw the headlights. Then outline two circles within each headlight, and then draw a center (yes this is a little similar to the video tutorial for drawing roses). After that, sketch out the top sloped line, and draw two vertical lines.

Step 8
Then we outline the folded wipers. Draw a smooth line around the hood, which begins from the windshield and then encircles the grille.

Step 9
Begin to draw the upper part of the bumper as well as the license plate.

Step 10
Draw the lower portion of the bumper. It is the one underneath the license plate. In the area directly beneath the license plate, we can find a radiator grille that is lower. In comparison to the top, it’s more horizontally elongated. On the left and right of this grille, draw fog lamps. In the area around the fog lamp, draw the edge.

Step 11
Draw the outer body of the mirror in the rear. Draw its contour, then circle it, and then draw a turning signal.

Step 12
With smooth, lightly curly lines, draw the lines that the doorways. Draw the handles like in our illustration.

Step 13
Draw the discs and wheels which were sketched in the previous steps. Be cautious with spokes on wheels. They must be aligned.

Step 14
Then draw the wheels and give them three dimensions. Remove any remaining guidelines and then add the final details.

It was a class where we taught you drawing Mercedes S-Class. Don’t forget to sign up with us on social media to stay up-to-date with the latest drawing tutorials and cool artifacts that are frequently published on social media.

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