We love chic and expensive cars. We enjoy drawing them and we would like to show you how to draw them.

We’ve already designed high-end cars such as Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, and Bentley. and the present lesson on drawing the Mercedes-Maybach will be in line with these amazing cars.

Step 1
No matter which vehicle we sketch the first step is, to begin with, the fundamental outline of the vehicle. Similar to other lessons, we draw the outline of the Mercedes-Maybach body with almost invisible lines. It is important to note that the body is required to be very long as this car is an expanded variant that is a version of the Mercedes S-Class. Mercedes S-Class.

Step 2
We now need to draw the outline of the simplest elements in the exterior of our Mercedes-Maybach. On the front, we draw the headlights, bumpers, and radiator grille. Then, draw the outline of the wheels and mirrors. Be sure to sketch the outline so that it will be straight as in our illustration.

Step 3
In the previous steps, we utilized extremely light lines. In this next section, we’ll employ dark and clear lines to outline the Mercedes-Maybach. By using these lines, we can sketch the lines of the grille and headlights. It is important to note that the front of this car is identical to the exterior of the Mercedes S-Class.

Step 4
Draw an outline of the car’s hood (bonnet) using the aid of smooth and long lines. Then, draw the contours of the bumper using the help of curving lines. Be aware that this vehicle comes with different bumpers. In the same manner, we’ll draw the iconic Mercedes symbol in the shape of three-beam stars.

Step 5
Then, go to the top of your vehicle’s body, and draw the outline of the roof by using long, straight lines. In step five, we’ll sketch out the outline of the windows as well as the rear-view mirrors. Don’t forget to not forget to erase the useless lines we created during the initial and subsequent steps in this course.

Step 6
In this section, we’ll draw the outline of the body of the car. In keeping with the direction of windows in our, Mercedes trace the outline of the door, back portion, and the lower edges that the vehicle.

Step 7
With the aid of smooth lines, trace the wheels. Do your best to create the highest diameter of your wheels. In the same manner, as drawing wheel rims, we will draw wheel wheels that can take any design. In our case, we draw rims that are minimalist however you can draw any shape you like such as the one we sketched in our lesson on the Mercedes SLC.

Step 8
Drawing lessons are nearly done, and we require adding shadows to the Mercedes-Maybach drawing. To draw shadows use consistent and dense shading. Alongside the shadows, we’ll draw glare by making use using long strokes. The steps we take during this process will help to make our Maybach more real.

The drawing lesson on drawing Mercedes-Maybach was very complex and lengthy, however, as usual, we were taught how to draw an extremely real car. It is interesting to note that now Maybach is associated with its Mercedes S Class, and in one of our previous lessons, we had drawn the Mercedes S Class W221. Alongside the S-Class available on our site, there’s a wide range of contemporary Mercedes-Benz model ranges. If this is too complex for you, you can check out our drawing tutorials on drawing cars for children as well as an extremely simple guide on drawing an automobile for novices.

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