Good day, Dear fans and artists of cool automobiles! Today we bring to you a brand new drawing class on drawing the Mercedes Electric SLS.
Step 1
We sketch our Mercedes SLS using the perspective of a half-turn. Take a pencil and draw the principal outline of the car.
Step 2
In the front, we sketch out the outline of the grille, as well as the headlights. Draw out the wheels and mirrors.
Step 3
The next step is to begin working using clear lines. Draw the grille as well as outline the lines of distinctive headlights.
Step 4
Draw a line on the hood. Below the grille of the radiators, we sketch the bumpers, intakes for air, and fog lights.
Step 5
Let’s get up to the very top of our Mercedes SLS, and sketch the windows, the roof along with the back-view mirror.
Step 6
Let’s go a bit lower and draw the iconic doors of the gull and other details on the sides of the vehicle.
Step 7
With clear lines, trace the wheel arches, as well as the wheels. This can be a challenging step and we’re sure that you can handle it.
Step 8
Then in the last part of the lesson on drawing the Mercedes Electric SLS, we draw wheels. You can also add shadow examples in the lessons on cars like the Ferrari and Ford Mustang.

In our drawing class, we demonstrated how to draw a Mercedes Electric SLS. If you found this lesson useful, then you should check out our drawing lessons on Mercedes G and Mercedes AMG GT. Join us on social networks and let us share our drawing lessons with your friends.


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