Although our website is already filled with car drawing classes and cars, our visitors keep coming back with requests to draw cars of different types. We certainly cannot refuse to give you this. Therefore, take a look at drawing a Mercedes-Benz GLS.

Step 1
Let’s begin by drawing the usual lines of the car’s body. Draw them using thin, nearly invisible lines since in the near future, we’ll have to erase the lines. Be aware that the contours must be quite angular (but not so angular as this Mercedes Gelandewagen lesson).

Step 2
Then we can add the fundamental specifics to our Mercedes-Benz sketch. In the front, we draw the angular forms of the headlights, as well as the grille for radiators. In the lateral portion, we sketch the outline of the wheel arches, wheels, and the rear-view mirror.

Step 3
From the initial details, we’ll proceed to the final detail. Starting with the front end and working backward. This is why we draw the grille and headlights with black and clear lines. In the middle of the grille that is used for the radiator, we draw the large Mercedes logo.

Step 4
Continue working on your front end of the vehicle. Draw the hood using relatively straight and clear lines. Moving down slightly, you can sketch out the specifics that are on our bumper of Mercedes-Benz GLS. Be sure to remove any unneeded lines on the side of the vehicle.

Step 5
It’s now time to get started on the specifics that make up the rooftop. This time, we’ll need to draw it using the aid of straight and clean lines. In the same manner sketch out the outline of rear-view mirrors and windows.

Step 6
Following the lines of windows, sketch out the outlines for the doorways. Draw door handles, thresholds, and the lower side of the body of the vehicle. Make sure to draw out the lines along the sides of your body.

Step 7
It’s a challenging step to complete, and you’ll need to work just a bit. In this step, we’ll need to trace the wheels. The issue lies in the fact that wheels have to be extremely smooth and round.

Step 8
This is a more difficult task to trace the rims. Note that we have drawn a typical design for Mercedes rims. However, it is possible to design rims with absolutely any style.

Step 9
The instruction on drawing the Mercedes-Benz GLS is nearly done and we just need to include shadows. Create shadows by using dense hatching. This makes your drawing appear more detailed and stunning. You can also draw the grille’s texture using cross lines.

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