HOW TO DRAW A MERCEDES-BENZ G-CLASS has prepared a drawing tutorial today, which is dedicated to a car that is one of the most beloved cars in the world. In this lesson, we’ll learn how to draw Mercedes-Benz G-Class. – Gelandewagen. This luxurious SUV is a favorite mode of transportation for many wealthy people. We offer you the opportunity to draw it using our lesson. Let’s get started!

Step 1
The contours of the Mercedes body and wheels are first sketched. Note that the lines except for the wheels are all straight and that the lines that made up the body of the car are parallel. This is the base of the car or the skeleton.

Step 2
We draw the bumper and outline the contours for the headlights, windows, and headlights. The location of the radiator grille is drawn in the middle of the diagram. This is Mercedes-Benz’s logo, as you can see.

Step 3
We can now add details to the vehicle. This is where we draw the location of our license plate and mark where the doors will be located.

Step 4
As shown in the example, circle the radiator grille. Draw a straight line in the middle of the radiator grille. Add the grill texture by hatching. Draw the logo in the middle of the grill.

Step 5
The edging of the headlights should be drawn with rectangles that have rounded corners. Draw LED strips below these headlights. A three-dimensional turn signal with smooth edges is located at the top of your hood.

Step 6
Draw the bumper below the upper grille. Draw rectangles for the lower radiator grille in the bumper. Draw the panel for the number plates. Draw a fender over the wheel at the end of the stage. This drawing lesson teaches that almost all lines are straight and angular.

Step 7
Continue to work with the wings on the Mercedes G-Class. Draw the ventilation grille and side molding. Also, draw the outline of the windshield and the side mirrors.

Step 8
Slowly, but surely, we are approaching the end of the lesson on how you draw a Mercedes-Benz gelandewagen. Draw the contours of doors and moldings using the marker from the third step. Draw three windows and pay attention to their corners.

Step 9
A car design should include steps for both the driver and passengers. This is particularly true for larger vehicles like the Mercedes G-Class. Draw a broad, gently sloping step between the wheels. In this step, we also draw the back bumper and fender.

Step 10
The final step in the drawing tutorial for Mercedes-Benz G-Class is to draw the wheels. You can draw the wheel rims using both straight and curving lines. They look like stars, as you can see. Don’t forget to draw the inside of your left wheel.

Maybe this lesson about drawing a Mercedes-Benz G-Class was too complex and too straight. These lessons are a reminder to artists how to deal with tiny details and seemingly tedious details. However, this hard work pays off in the end and you can draw complex and detailed drawings.

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