We’re awestruck by Mercedes-Benz vehicles, and we have drawn many models from this brand. We’ve already drawn two Mercedes-Benz models, a C-Class as well as an S-class Now we need to know what it takes to draw the Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

Step 1
Drawing lessons for cars begin with the general outline of the body and this will certainly be any different. With the aid of thin lines, draw an outline of the car’s body. E-Class like in our illustration.

Step 2
Let’s now add the most essential elements to the body’s surface, to create a appear more like a car. On the front, we draw the headlights and grille. Then sketch the outline of the wheels and rear-view mirrors.

Step 3
In this first stage, we’ll sketch out the details with transparent and dark lines. Draw out the outline of the radiator grille as well as the headlights that are characteristic of our Mercedes-Benz E Class. Don’t forget to draw lines within the headlights.

Step 4
Continue to add details to the exterior of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. With the smooth and long lines and a precise drawing of the hood. Next, draw the outline of the front bumper. Next, sketch the Mercedes logo, then move to step five.

Step 5
Following the hood lines, trace lines of the roof’s smooth. Then we must trace the outline of mirrors in the rear and windows as shown in the image below.

Step 6
Following the windows’ line, trace the doors of our Mercedes-Benz. Then, following the lines of the roof draw the outline of the rear. Make sure to draw handles as well as two lines along the face of the body.

Step 7
We’ll move to the wheels right now. Take your time drawing out the outline of the wheels and arches. It is important to smooth out the wheel arches and the wheels as smoothly as you can.

Step 8
This is the most difficult stage in the drawing guide for this Mercedes-Benz E-Class. In this case, we have to draw out the rims. They may be as in our illustration or in any other shape.

Step 9
The sketch of the car is nearly complete, but to make it appear more real it is necessary to include some shadows. Draw shadows with the hatching of different densities, according to the intensity that the shadows. Don’t forget to create a texture of the grille for radiators and reflections on the body’s surface and windows.

In this class, we taught the students how to draw an E-Class Mercedes-Benz. We love automobiles made by Mercedes-Benz and plan to draw many other models made by this brand. Be sure to sign up for our social media and check our website frequently to ensure that you do not be able to miss a single drawing class.

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