Our team of artists and editors is awestruck by Mercedes-Benz vehicles. This is why we’ve drawn lots of various models from this renowned firm. However, we mostly draw expensive and expensive models. We took the decision to sketch one of the cheapest models made by Mercedes and came up with an instructional video on drawing the Mercedes-Benz Class. Class.

Step 1
Similar to other drawing courses, this lesson on C Class Mercedes-Benz C Class will begin by drawing the outline of the human body. Keep in mind that the lines drawn for this step and the following steps must be extremely light because during the next step (to get more exact, starting with three steps) the process will slowly erase the lines.

Step 2
In front of our Mercedes-Benz C Class, we sketch out the grille and long headlights. Then, we sketch the outline of the rearview mirrors as well as the big wheels. It is important to note that starting at the next stage, we’ll use dark and more precise lines to draw the final detailing of the Mercedes-Benz C Class.

Step 3
With dark lines clean lines meticulously trace an outline for the grille and the elongated headlights. There are two kinds of grilles on radiators in the Mercedes-Benz one of which has a big logo that is located in the middle of the grille’s radiator or a small logo on top of the grille.

Step 4
This is where we work on the front of our vehicle. With the aid of long and straight lines, draw the lines on the front hood. Move to the lower part of the car, and then carefully draw the edges of your bumper as well as the license plate. Make sure to erase any unnecessary guidelines from the front of your vehicle.

Step 5
We now need to begin working on the top of our vehicle. In keeping with the line of the hood, carefully draw out the roof’s contours. Then, carefully draw the rear-view mirrors and windows. Don’t forget that your lines must be straight and smooth.

Step 6
We continue to draw with the windows’ lines. We then carefully sketch the doors, as illustrated in our example. Following the smooth lines of the roof, neatly draw out the back as well as the taillamp. Then, draw handles on the doors, and draw two long slightly curving lines on the sides that the car’s body.

Step 7
This step is likely to be the most difficult of the lesson. With the aid of smooth lines, we must draw the wheel arches and wheels. These should be as straight and even as possible. As a result, we must remove all guidelines that are not needed off the body of the Mercedes-Benz C Class.

Step 8
The next step is to draw the rims. Begin by drawing a small circle around the rims. Then draw lines that run from the center up to the edges. However, don’t forget to draw rims as illustrated in this illustration or in other classes (for instance, the Mercedes-Benz GLS) or even create your own designs for wheel rims.

Step 9
If you sketched the wheels and the body of your car, begin drawing shadows. In the beginning, create a glare around the body and the glasses from our Mercedes-Benz. After that, using thick lines, make shadows on the areas that we’ve drawn in our illustration.

If you’ve done everything correctly then you now are aware of what it takes to draw the Mercedes-Benz C Class. Although our website already contains numerous lessons on different Mercedes-Benz models we will be creating new content about these vehicles. Join us by subscribing to our social media accounts and sharing our lessons in drawing with your friends (or on your website in the event that you own a website).

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