If you frequently visit our category titled “Food” on, perhaps you know that it’s very simple to draw fruit. This tutorial on drawing an emerald will be likewise easy since it is comprised of three steps that are very easy to follow.

Step 1
Let’s start sketching the melon using its outline. Sketch out a typical oval, like the image below. By using an oval-shaped shape we draw out the position on the stem.

Step 2
Let’s draw a rough texture of the melons. The lines should be laid out randomly.

Step 3
Make the shadows with dense hatching in the base of the melon.

We are all about eating and sketching fruits and today we taught our readers the art of drawing the melon. As we said, this lesson was extremely easy and easy, as is the case with most of the lessons in this “Foods” category. If this lesson seemed too straightforward for you, you can check out the other classes we offer.

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