How to Draw A Megalodon Shark Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How to Draw A Milkshake Step by Step

Start with the outline of the head of the shark in this initial step of the megalodon video tutorial. The first step is to use a slight horizontal curve to define your head’s top.

It is possible to use a similar line, but slightly longer in order to start the second portion of the megalodon. But what exactly are finless sharks?

Also, we will add it during this process. To finish of the line, draw a curve using an end point on top.

Once you’ve drawn these lines in the same way as they appear on the image that you referenced, you’re now in the right position to proceed to step 2.

Step 2 – Then step is to continue drawing the tail and back fins
The next step of your megalodon drawing keep you drawing along the lines that you began with in the previous step.

In order to do that, draw a slightly curving line from the fin using tiny spikes that extend toward the point at which it ends.

At the end the line you will move it upwards with an arc of slight curvature. This would form the first side of your caudal fin. we’ll finish this aspect shortly.

Step 3: Now, begin drawing the face, and then finish the tail
The megalodon was terrifying due to the size of its massive jaws brimming with sharp teeth. We’ll draw it along with other tails during this stage of our drawing megalodon drawing tutorial.

Begin by drawing the line that will be the caudal fin you began with in step 2. To draw it, draw a line that is curved in a boomerang-like form starting from the caudal fin’s top.

It’s now time to begin sketching the face of the shark. Begin by drawing a diagonal line to the line that will be the head.

Then, draw your mouth toward the face in the image referenced However, you are able to draw your mouth a bit more open if you wish.

Then, you can finish by adding an eye dot and a larger one to mark the eye on the opposite other side.

Step 4: Next to finish your outline for the shark
There’s a lot of information to go over in the following part in your drawing of the megalodon therefore, make sure you be patient and be attentive to the drawing!

It is possible to begin by drawing big fins on the lower part of the shark’s body first.

It is then possible to draw a curve for the shark’s stomach, beginning at the top on the front, moving behind the fins and finally ending at the end of the tail.

The line will also feature the appearance of small sharp shapes that run towards the back.

Then create the large veins, and perhaps add line details throughout the body for this stage. After that, you can add details to finish the drawing before coloring it!

Step 5: Complete your megalodon sketch
In the fifth stage of this megalodon-related tutorial, we will finish the information prior to the final step.

The details are comprised of mostly curves across the body of the shark that will change color as you move onto the next stage.

Once you’ve copied all the lines from this example, then you’re now ready to start! Before doing that you may also incorporate elements of your own.

They could also include painting the background of the ocean with lots of sea creatures floating around, or perhaps some additional details for the sharks.

These are only two ideas that you can think of So let your imagination take over and see what comes up!

Step 6: Finish your megalodon design with colors
The sixth and last stage of your megalodon drawing would be to add some stunning hue to your work to make it complete.

In our image of reference we have used a few shades of blue and gray for the shark to create a less tense appearance.

Scientists are only able to speculate about what these magnificent animals could have appeared like, so this is the chance to showcase the hues you think they may have!

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