How To Draw A Meditation Goat

How To Draw A Meditation Goat

Step one:

We’ll start with the fundamental guidelines for goat that is meditating.

Step two:

After that, we can begin working on the shape of the face. Always begin from the top and work down to avoid smears of pencil marks on the paper.

Step three:

After that, proceed to sketch the facial features of the goat.

Step four:

Then sketch the horns, first, then the neck.

Step five:

Then, you can sketch out his shoulders and arms. He’ll wear an apricot robe, which means the majority part of his body is covered in clothing.

Step six:

You can draw the legs and hooves of his lower body.

Step seven:

Let’s sketch the lower section of the robe.

Step eight:

Draw the rest of your costume!

Step nine:

Finally, you can complete the circle with pentagrams.

Step ten:

After you’ve finished drawing and have proofed all of your drawings then you’ll have something like this! Don’t forget to pat yourself for a job well done!

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