In one of our earlier drawing classes, we demonstrated what to draw the McLaren P1. However, our readers asked us to create a second tutorial on this amazing automobile, and we thought of creating an instructional video on the drawing process of the McLaren P1 GTR.

Step 1
The first step is to have to sketch the outlines for the car’s body. fantastic supercar. Sketch out the outlines like the illustration below using thin, almost invisible lines.

Step 2
Draw out the unique headlights that pass through the bumper. Then outline the doors that are raised to resemble the wings of a gull, and sketch the lines of the wheel arches and wheels.

Step 3
In front of the car, sketch the outline for the front bumper. On the doors, draw mirrors and windows to give a rear view. Then sketch out the outline of a huge spoiler as well as of the wheels.

Step 4
We now need to begin sketching the final details. With the aid of straight lines and clear lines, draw the headlights as well as the lines of the unique bumper.

Step 5
Move a bit higher and draw the outline of the complex hood of our sportscar.

Step 6
Then, move on to the doorway. Draw them like in the example. Try to duplicate all the complex lines as shown in the example.

Step 7
In this phase, you will see more complicated lines. In this step, we must precisely draw every detail that is on the rear side of the vehicle.

Step 8
It’s time to sketch the wheels and rims. Try to make the outline of the wheels smooth, and also make the rims big and wide.

Step 9
This is the final step of the drawing course on drawing the McLaren P1 GTR. In this part, we have to add some glare with long strokes, and shadows using dense hatching.

It was a difficult drawing lesson, in which there were so many aspects and lines that were very different. However, if the drawing of your McLaren P1 GTR drawing looks like the one in the example above, then the effort was not wasted. Also, do not forget to check out this section “Cars” which is full of drawing tutorials on the most diverse automobiles from different manufacturers and with various purposes.


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