We are sure that you love cool sports automobiles that’s why we continuously create drawing classes for various vehicles. So we have decided to make a lesson on drawing the McLaren MP4-12C.

Step 1
Our drawing classes by drawing the principal outline of the car’s structure, and the instruction on drawing the body of a McLaren MP4-12C is no exception. By using pencils with very light lines, sketch your outline like illustrated in our illustration.

Step 2
Let’s sketch out the major elements of the vehicle. In the front section sketch out the outline of the headlights and bumpers. In the rear part of the McLaren trace the contours of wheel arches and mirrors in the rear.

Step 3
We are continuing to add fundamental details, and we continue to draw thin lines. In front of the vehicle, draw the outline of the bumper. In the upper portion sketch out the lines of the windows. On the body draw the outline of the intakes for air. Draw the outline of the rims of the wheels, then move on to the next step.

Step 4
In this first stage, we’ll use black and white lines. This time, using the help of dark and smooth lines, carefully sketch out the headlights and hood in Our McLaren MP4-12C. Then, draw your lines on the front bumper as well as the plate, as shown in the example. Be sure to remove unnecessary lines on the front.

Step 5
We now move up to the top of the vehicle. Smooth lines and dark ones trace the outline of the front, roof, and back windows. Then, draw out the rearview mirrors before proceeding to step six.

Step 6
Following the smooth lines of the roof, carefully draw out the rear of the vehicle. Also, keeping the line of the side windows draw the door. The outline will be drawn of air intakes along the side and body of McLaren.

Step 7
The most challenging step of the drawing lesson is drawing the McLaren MP4-12C. The entire difficulty of the lesson is that we have to draw both the wheels as well as the rims which should be smooth and round. Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to replicate the shape of the rims in our illustration You can create and draw any different design.

Step 8
Our McLaren drawing is nearing completion. However, the drawing won’t look realistic or voluminous until we include shadows. Therefore, let’s add shadows with dense hatching and a touch of glare with gentle and long strokes.

As you can observe this is a difficult drawing class, but in the end, we were able to draw an authentic illustration of McLaren. If you are a fan of McLaren and other sports cars, you should check out our category titled “Cars”, where you will find many fascinating and exciting drawing lessons. Remember that because of the fact that all automobiles (especially sports automobiles) are drawn in exactly the same way, one can create any sports car using the information from this lesson.

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