Many of our readers have requested us to demonstrate the drawing process of McLaren F1. This drawing lesson is done and all you need is to get started with the drawing process.

Step 1
Like always, we start by drawing the basic design of the car’s body. McLaren. This is a relatively oval car, which means that the outline of the body is to be created with the assistance of sufficiently curvaceous as well as smooth lines. Be careful not to make the lines too obvious and dark, as, at some point, all lines drawn in this manner can be crossed out.

Step 2
Now, let’s add the essential elements to the car’s body. In the front portion, sketch the outline of headlights. In the lateral portion, draw the outline of the wheel arches, mirrors as well as the wheel itself. This drawing looks closer to a McClaren, isn’t it?

Step 3
We are continuing to add more details to the design of the vehicle. On the front side, sketch out the outline of the bumper as well as the specifics of the hood. Then, draw an outline for the door’s the rims on the sides. The basic outline for the McLaren is complete Now we need to sketch out the details of our drawing and finish the look using black and clear lines.

Step 4
We’ll begin to work on the final details starting from the front. Utilizing dark and clear lines trace the outline of the headlights, bonnet, and bumper. Make sure you draw all the features to the sides of your car as we did in our illustration. The lines should be straight and clean.

Step 5
Continue to learn to draw the outline of a McLaren F1. Then, go up to the roof of your car, and sketch the roof outline and the lines of windows. Then, draw out the mirrors of the car.

Step 6
Draw a huge spoiler on the rear of our sports car. Then, draw the outline of the door, which has an unusual design. Eliminate all strokes and lines that were drawn in the initial three steps. The outline of the body should appear clean and smooth like in our illustration.

Step 7
This is the most challenging step in the class is how to draw an image of a McLaren F1. Draw the outline of the wheels. They should be smooth and round. Next, draw the rims. They may be in the same manner as our illustration or in different shapes. Make sure that the rims appear voluminous.

Step 8
In the final stage of all of our drawing classes, we include shadows in order to make our drawing more realistic. By using a few strokes, we create glares on the windows’ surface and on the body. Next, add shadows using dense hatching.

The class was quite complicated and time-consuming but the outcome was worth it as now you are able to draw the McLaren F1. This means that in reality you now own your very own McLaren F1, a cool sports car. However, it’s not a problem to repair and insurance for your car. Actually, the majority of sports cars are very similar to one another. They sport a low roof as well as a large body. They also have bigger wheels. If you’ve been able to draw the sports car (to make it more precise a supercar) Then you’ll be capable of drawing other cars that are similar. If you found this lesson very useful and interesting to you, consider supporting us by donating to Patreon and joining our social networks as it is essential for us.


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