If you’re a frequent visitor to our site then you’re aware that we are a fan of McLaren automobiles. We already have plenty of lessons covering the various models of this amazing automobile manufacturer Today, we’ll create a new lesson on McLaren. As you can see, the topic for this class is drawing the McLaren model 650S.

Step 1
In every case, we first sketch the basic outline for the main body part of our vehicle. We draw very lightly to sketch the initial step.

Step 2
Then, using the help of lines that are common to us, we sketch the outline of the rear-view mirrors and headlights with wheels that are rounded.

Step 3
Draw the outline of a unique bumper, windows, and air intake at the lateral side of the body, as well as the outline for the wheel’s wheels.

Step 4
It’s an easy task – with the aid of black and white lines, we can draw the outline of an unusual radiator grille.

Step 5
We now move a bit higher and with gentle lines, carefully trace the headlights’ outline and the hood.

Step 6
Following the lines of the hood, draw out the outline of the windows and the roof. Make the mirror in the rearview. go to step number seven.

Step 7
We move to the left of the body and sketch out the contours of the door, air intake, and rear section.

Step 8
It’s now a tedious process – now we have to sketch out the outline of the wheels and wheel rims.

Step 9
Then draw the outline of the grille by using cross lines. Add shadows by using dense hatching.

The class on drawing the McLaren the 650s was quite difficult but at the conclusion of the lesson, we could draw an accurate car drawing.


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