If you frequently browse our website, probably you have a good idea that we are in love with the cars that are made by the company McLaren. Our site has already many tutorials on the many McLaren models. McLaren. This series is currently being extended with a class on drawing the McLaren model 570s.
Step 1
The drawing process starts with the main outline that defines the shape of the figure. With the aid of long, smooth, and easy lines, we have to sketch the contours of the McLaren body, as we can see in the example. Don’t press too hard on the pencil to ensure that later on, it is easy to erase the lines.
Step 2
We will continue to use simple lines. In this stage, we’ll include the most basic details of the car’s body. Start by drawing from the front, and tracing the outline of the front headlights. After that, we’ll move to the back of the car and sketch the outline of the rear-view mirrors as well as the large sports wheels.
Step 3
We are continuing to draw the most striking features of the car’s body. On the outside, we sketch the complicated contours of the bumper. Draw the outline of the side and front windows. Draw lines along the sides of the body, and sketch out the outline of the wheels’ rims.
Step 4
In the previous steps, we made use of very light lines. Now, starting with this step, we’ll make use of darker lines. Utilizing these lines, draw carefully the front bumper, front the Hood (or bonnet if you reside somewhere in Great Britain), and large and smooth headlights.
Step 5
In keeping with the sleek contours of the rear, sketch out the outline of the smooth and flat roofing of our McLaren. At the same time sketch out the outline of rear-view mirrors and windows.
Step 6
In continuation of the sleek line of the roof, draw out the rear of our vehicle. At the same time make sure you draw the decorative lines along the sides as well as the door line. Don’t forget to take off any unnecessary guidelines that we have drawn in the initial three steps.
Step 7
One of the most challenging aspects of our course is drawing the outline of a McLaren in the 570s. With the aid of straight lines, we will draw the rims and round wheels. It is possible to draw the rails like we did or create your own idea.
Step 8
The only thing left is to enhance our McLaren drawing more realistic and detailed. To achieve this, we apply shadows by hatching. Draw a thick shading to dark areas and less dense shadow areas. On the glasses as well as the body, make glares with the aid of long and bright strokes.

It’s not hard for a person to draw cars however it’s a challenge to draw cars in a way that they look real. We will show the way to draw different types of car models like an artist who is professional.

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