Hello, dear motorists and artists! In this drawing lesson, we will teach the viewers the drawing process of the Mazda 6 step-by-step.

Step 1
By drawing very thin lines, you can draw and sketch out the outline of the vehicle that visually consists of two components.

Step 2
Now you can add a few more additional details. In the front, sketch out the headlights with a long elongated shape and grille.

Step 3
The main contours are in place and we can begin to work on more details. Utilizing very clear and dark lines, draw the headlights that are elongated by our vehicle and the grille. In the middle of the radiator grille, draw the Mazda symbol.

Step 4
Continue working on that front end of Mazda 6. We lower the car a bit and draw the radiator grille, bumper, and fog lights.

Step 5
Continue the line of the bonnet, and draw a slightly curving roof. The front portion is where you draw your windshield and side windows to side. Draw the rearview mirror, and erase the additional strokes that were drawn in the previous steps.

Step 6
In continuation of the windows’ lines, draw doors, and continue the roof line to form the rear of the Mazda 6. Draw the handles for the doors and proceed to the next stage.

Step 7
Make them as smooth as possible, just like in our case.

Step 8
It is our responsibility to draw only the rims. They can be drawn as in our illustration or select your own style.

It was a drawing lesson that teaches drawing the Mazda 6 step-by-step. The site has been around for a long time and we’ve created a lot of drawing lessons and will not stop.

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