Dear people who are artists and lovers of cool automobiles. As you are aware, today we’ll show the viewers what to draw the design of a Maserati. Maserati is an Italian firm, which is a producer of high-end cars for business and sport. It was established in 1914 and is located in Bologna, Italy. The logo of this company’s logo is a trident. part in Bologna’s Neptune fountain located in Bologna. Let’s start with this lesson.

Step 1
Therefore, we always begin our drawing lessons with common lines. Use straight lines to sketch your vehicle body, as we did in our illustration.

Step 2
With the aid of curved lines, sketch out your wheel’s arches as well as wheels. Don’t forget that the lines drawn in the initial steps must be the most simple.

Step 3
Let’s begin adding details. We’ll begin by drawing the details on the road in front of the vehicle. Draw the headlights and the hood. Draw dark and clear lines in the next step and subsequent steps.

Step 4
Lower the height and draw a grille outline with an emblem of a trident in the middle. Just a bit lower, make the bumper appear with air intakes like in our case.

Step 5
Then we climb a bit higher and draw out the top of Our Maserati as well as the window. Alongside our car, draw the mirrors in the rearview.

Step 6
Then, we proceed to sketch the Maserati. In this stage, it is drawing the front door the handle, and the rear part of the automobile.

Step 7
With the aid of even and clear lines draw wheel arches and wheel wheels. The course on drawing the wheel of a Maserati was brought to a conclusion. There is still time to add shading and draw the rims.

Step 8
Draw out the wheel’s rims that, as we declare, can be any shape and of any kind. By using short strokes, create shadows.

We strive to create drawings that are interesting and useful. We can assist you, simply let us know about this drawing lesson, and leave your comments in this article.


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