This week we will present an exciting drawing class that will concentrate on the most well-known plumber in the world – Mario. Mario’s mustache has made him an icon, not just of the eight-bit’s era of entertainment dawn and video game, but also of the entire gaming industry overall.

We can see that in one of our earlier drawing classes, we discussed drawing the first opponent to Mario — Donkey Kong. What’s the question, how to draw Mario step-by-step? Let’s begin the lesson and discover how!

Step 1
Draw two figures, the top of which is Mario’s head. Mario and the lower one is the body of Mario. Draw the head in the shape of a circle. Then draw the body in the form of an oval. At this point, Mario appears to be an actual snowman, isn’t he?

Step 2
In this stage, the character of Mario is beginning to take human form. Draw out the legs and arms. Be aware that the feet and hands must be large enough.

In the same way, it is necessary to draw out the line of the face symmetry (horizontal lines of eyes as well as the vertical of the lines) This aids in drawing the facial characteristics.

Step 3
In this stage, we will sketch some basic details of Mario’s head. Mario. First, draw the ear, drawing it in a form of the shape of a semicircle. Sketch out the iconic Mario hat. Mario in our illustration. As you can see, this process was very simple.

Step 4
Draw an oval for the eye, mustache, and awfully bulbous nostrils. Be aware in this step, your Mario could appear too like Joseph Stalin, but don’t be worried as in the next steps we’ll make it better.

Step 5
Draw Mario’s head and erase the lines that were drawn in the previous steps. Create a logo in the shape of the alphabet “M” with lines that denote the ears. Draw the sideburns in outline and the hair on the nape region. Then draw the eyes. take note of the position of the pupils. It will indicate the direction of the gaze. Drawing a straight line, draw the whiskers, and mouth and outline the eyebrows.

Step 6
In this stage, we will draw another essential characteristic of the appearance of Mario’s jumpsuit. Sketch the straps of the jumpsuit. Then trace the line for the higher part. Draw your fists in clenched hands and the lines of the pants’ lower edges draw the outline of your boots’ soles.

Step 7
Make the arms more detailed and then erase the other instructions. Make the circular rivets on the straps of the jumpsuit. Draw some folds that are located on the armpits and the arms before moving to the final step of the guide for the drawing of Mario.

Step 8
Then, we completed the end of our drawing instruction. Remove the guidelines from the lower portion of the body. Draw a draw the outline of the pants and shoes. Draw the folds in the fabric, similar to our example.

You now know how you can draw Mario! We are hoping that you have enjoyed this drawing tutorial. If you did, make sure to share this lesson with your friends, and be sure to subscribe to our Facebook, Google Plus, and YouTube page.

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