Today we’ve created for you a drawing tutorial on tropical fruit. We have drawn a coconut recently in the past, and we also sketched other fruits. It’s really unfortunate that we are unable to make a proper salad out of the many lessons we learned from drawing fruits. Therefore, let’s start with this drawing tutorial on drawing the mango.

Step 1
The fruit we draw is a round shape. The initial procedure is to draw a round shape.

Step 2
Then, we will add only two parts, and the circle will appear like actual fruit. You can observe during this step, we draw the stalk and the leaf. The leaf can be arranged on the other side according to your own discretion.

Step 3
Make the appropriate details on the sheet. Eliminate any lines that were added from earlier steps.

Step 4
We now put shadows of light. Find the light source and draw the shadows in areas where the light is not falling. Make sure that you draw the shadow the fruit leaves over the ground.

We hope that this drawing guide will be useful to you. Remember to visit us often and check out our latest articles!

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