how to draw a manga character

In the past, the team from showed you the art of drawing manga characters and now we’ll show you how to draw manga characters. the art of drawing manga characters.

In actuality, the two genres have little in common with each other since the manga is animated.


Step 1

We’ll start with the skeleton of our manga character. The chest, head, and pelvis are represented as ovals, while the legs and the spinal column are depicted and take the shape drawn in simple lines.




Step 2

Next, draw the lines around the head to assist in depicting the features on the face. Create a neck, then connect the pelvis and chest making the torso.




Step 3

Let’s get to the limbs today. The elbow, shoulder, and knee joints appear like balls. The legs and arms are in the shape of simple cylindrical shapes.




Step 4

Do you remember those lines that were on your head that were present earlier on the stage? We now need those lines. With their help draw every detail as artists from have done in the sketch below.




Step 5

Then, using a vast variety of straight and short lines, draw hair. In the tutorial on drawing anime hair, you’ll be able to discover more information about this.




Step 6

Let’s make some more details today. Make cuffs for the arms and neck. Then, you can go to the bottom of the pants and draw a pattern similar to the artist of




Step 7

Let’s draw the head of the manga character. Draw the jaw in the same way as the artists from have done or come up with a unique design. Draw eyebrows and then remove all head guidelines.




Step 8

Let’s now move to our upper part of the body. Make use of the eraser to clear the arms and the torso of the lines. Make creases on the sweater in the same way as the artists of did.




Step 9

Let’s now move to the lower body. Remove any unnecessary lines on the legs. Also, you can apply lighter lines in order to lighten the pants, and draw certain folds.




Step 10

Manga is either black and white or color. Therefore, you can draw your manga like in the previous stage or draw the manga using coloring pencils and paints.




It was a breeze and we quickly reached the end of the instructions of the drawing process for manga characters. The team at is a huge fan of manga and anime which is why we have made a category with this name. You will discover everything necessary for those who are fans of Japanese animation.

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