Fine art encompasses numerous genres to choose from among them, and one of the oldest and most well-known genres is depicting life, which is the representation of non-animate objects.

We believe that all artists must be skilled in this particular area of fine art. So, we’re working hard to help you achieve this. We have already provided a variety of lessons in the field of still life. in the next installment of this topic today, we’ll show the viewers ways to draw mandarin.

Step 1

The lesson will be taught withdrawing mandarin. We will begin by making a regular circular. Do not make use of compasses or round objects in drawing the mango even. There aren’t any mandarins that are perfectly round are there?


Step 2

In this step, we’ll draw a stalk as well as two leaflets. It is important to note that one leaf has to be bigger in comparison to the second. Also, you can see that the leaf on the right side is longer and more pointed than the leaves on either side. To create a mandarin design that is slightly different from the one we have include a few different leaves.



Step 3.

In the third step in the third stage, we complete drawing the mandarin, or more accurately those mandarin lines. We first eliminate all lines on the stem and leaves. This must be done in order that both the leaves and stem don’t appear like they are transparent. Then you can draw lines of longitudinal (so known as veins) within each leaf.



Step 4

Therefore, let’s make our Mandarin drawing appear more voluminous with shadows. With lighting hatching techniques, create shadows along the top edge of the mandarin. Add some shadows cast on the surface.


The class on drawing Mandarin is coming to a conclusion. It was quite simple to draw, wasn’t it? We’ve already mentioned that we offer a wide range of tutorials on how to draw various kinds of vegetables and fruits. Check out our categories titled “Food” and “Still Life” to develop into a professional in this field that is a fine art. Make sure to check out our website often, and you’ll be able to draw more difficult drawing tutorials. We also look at seeing you on our social media sites (Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Plus) on which we will be posting announcements, as well as shorter versions of our posts.

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